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Blimp In a Box™

The Blimp in a Box™ (BiB) is a lighter than air (LTA) system designed to provide semi-persistent, mobile ISR. The system is self contained on a trailer and can be towed behind an MATV or MRAP or operate from the bed of a pickup truck.


Tethered Drone

LTAS has taken a unique approach to unmanned helicopter systems based on our tethered aerostat solutions, and is developing a complete system which incorporates a tether into the copter for safe and long endurance operations.


Mast Systems

LTAS Telescoping masts are a cost-effective means for elevating a camera, radar or antenna array. Models are available for heights from 20 feet to over 100 feet (10 stories) and head-load ratings from 15 pounds to 120 pounds.


Aerial Monitoring

Leveraging on our military expertise, expanding into the Commercial markets our Drone technology could help revolutionize agriculture, by boosting crop health, improving field management practices, reducing costs and increasing yields.